NFL Rumors: NBA star Nate Robinson trying out with the Seattle Seahawks?

NFL Rumors: NBA star Nate Robinson trying out with the Seattle Seahawks?

NBA three-time slam dunk champion Nate Robinson announced in March that he is considering a crossover to the NFL if no teams would take him this summer and rumors are getting serious as Robinson tried out Monday with the Seattle Seahawks in a bid to get back to the sport that earned him a college scholarship.

The 32-year old Robinson expressed his willingness to try out for the NFL ever since he was playing in Israel in April and according to ESPN’s Kevin Pelton, Robinson is working out in the gym and getting his footwork back as he tries to be the first NBA player to be signed by an NFL team. Robinson was able to get to college in Washington via football scholarship before he concentrated on playing basketball during his sophomore year.

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“I need to get a little stronger, a little faster. Lifting weights and watching a lot of films. Work on my feet and my hands and how to press [as a cornerback]. Basic stuff. I catch on pretty fast. Just learn some of the drills they’d have me do and start practicing and get ready for it,” Robinson said.

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Before he even played basketball, Robinson played all 13 football games in 2002 and started the final six games as a cornerback on the Husky football squad, including the Sun Bowl. He intercepted two passes and made 34 tackles. However, with his age and that he has not played the game since 2002 will play as a risk factor for any NFL team to sign him up. But Robinson is so pumped up that he insisted that he would play any position that the team would give him once he signs with a team, hopefully for his native Seahawks.

“I would play whatever position whatever team needs me to play. I can do either/or. Offense comes naturally. Me getting the ball and people are trying to chase me and tackle me, the moves, that’s instincts kicking in. I’ve been doing that all my life, so nothing else is new,” Robinson explained.

Robinson added that aside from the Seahawks he will also try his luck with the New England Patriots, Arizona Cardinals. The Washington Post first reported about Robinson’s tryout with the Seahawks, although it is unlikely that he will be signed up by the team as a defensive back the workout ended on a positive note as both parties agreed to be in close contact.

Robinson spent 11 seasons in the NBA playing for the Phoenix Suns, New York Knicks, Denver Nuggets, Chicago Bulls, Golden State Warriors, Oklahoma City Thunder, Boston Celtics, and the New Orleans Pelicans. He would then move to Israel and sign up with the Hapoel Tel-Aviv before coming home this summer to pursue his NFL dream.

There was a time that when he made his statement of playing in the NFL, people did not take Robinson seriously but now that he is trying to get into an NFL team’s workout, somebody or a team must now take him seriously.

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