NFL Rumors: Owner Amy Adams Strunk says Titans may see a new uniform by 2018

NFL Rumors: Owner Amy Adams Strunk says Titans may see a new uniform by 2018

The Tennessee Titans have seen a whole lot of new things coming in to the upcoming season- new coach, new franchise quarterback, a newfound offense named “exotic smashmouth” and a new controlling owner. In the midst of all the new(s), controlling owner Amy Adams Strunk also felt like it was time for a new look.

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By 2018, the Titans may see a new uniform, and maybe even a new logo, in response to some fans’ open preference of the team’s secondary logo. Unfortunately, the present main icon for the Titans looks closer to a flaming golf tee or pin, than a what should be a representation of macho on the field.

In reaction, Amy Adams Strunk let people know that she is serious enough, and that she has even talked to the league about it.

“We can refresh and they definitely could use a little updating, but it takes a while to get that done,” said the Titans owner, in an interview with ESPN. “I kind of visited with the league office about it a little bit a couple months ago. But we got so busy that I didn’t go back to it. I’m going to go back. It can’t happen this year. I think it’s a two-year thing.”

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She has also considered the preference of fans exploring possibilities about using the sword logo.

“They like the sword? Interesting,” said Strunk. “That’s interesting. It’s a thought. I’d like to hear what the fans are saying.”

The Tennessee Titans finished last in AFC South last season with a 3-13 win-loss record. This season, early predictions are they will make a steady improvement to go 6-10. Hopefully, in two years, Titans fans will not just see a new set of uniforms, but a new set of records.

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