NFL Rumors: Patriots trade Bryan Stork to Redskins for a conditional pick?

NFL Rumors: Patriots trade Bryan Stork to Redskins for a conditional pick?

New England Patriots center Bryan Stork attitude towards everyone on and off the field made the Patriots trade him to the Washington Redskins for a conditional pick.

Fox Sports reported that the Stork, who is a starting center for the Patriots, was on the verged of being cut by the team. Patriots coach Bill Belichick had enough of Stork’s unpredictable burst of emotions. It would be noted that the 25-year old out of Springfield, Illinois had an argument with a teammate last week that Belichick had him throw out of practice.

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Aside from that, Stork also has other issues including concussion problems, not get along with the media and with his teammates as well. However, he had been a tough competitor for the Patriots in their Super Bowl victory two seasons ago.

Weighing everything, the Patriots wanted to cut him for the coming season. Good thing was that the Patriots managed to find a team which is willing to take him in. The Redskins were falling short in their roster as Kory Lichtensteiger has a nerve injury. Paying to get Stork was not easy as they have to surrender a conditional pick to the Patriots.

In Stork’s departure, David Andrews take his place with big responsibilities to fill in. But it is still not clear also if Stork will take a starter’s role since Lichtensteiger is still recovering from his injury.

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Patriots quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo tells ESPN that it is tough to see Stork go. He added that the team is already at the point of making last-minute preparations before the start of the season. He believes that all decisions made by the Patriots are part of business.

“It’s that time of year. There’s a lot of movement between teams and players and everything. It’s tough to see one of your guys go like that. That’s the business, I guess,” Garoppolo said.

The Patriots was to release Stork but with the trade with the Redskins, they got something out of it. They may have seen Stork as a problem with his attitude and other issues, but he was an asset that gave them a conditional pick that they could use in the future.