NFL Rumors: QB Sam Bradford feels pressure with the trade to the Vikings?

NFL Rumors: QB Sam Bradford feels pressure with the trade to the Vikings?

When the Minnesota Vikings lost Teddy Bridgewater due to a severe non-contact injury, they were a picture of calm and confidence. But over the weekend, the Vikings looked they were in a panic after giving up so much to acquire quarterback Sam Bradford from the Philadelphia Eagles.

The Vikings gave up their 2017 first round pick as well as their fourth round conditional pick in 2018. But it does not get weirder there if the Vikings become NFC champions the conditional pick for 2018 becomes a third rounder. And if they win the Super Bowl, then the conditional pick becomes a second rounder.

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With this at stake, the pressure mounts on the shoulder of Bradford, who will play backup to starter Shaun Hill. Many criticized the Vikings because of what they gave up on taking Bradford. But for some, it was the right thing to do. With Bridgewater’s uncertain timetable for recovery, it would seem that the Vikings are trying to save their season.

Bradford does not mind the pressure he will take playing for the Vikings. Instead, he is happy with the turn of events and is looking forward to practicing with the team. interviewed Bradford and the 28-year old former Heisman Trophy winner looks to reuniting his ties with college teammate Adrian Peterson and tight end coach Pat Shurmur.

“It feels good,” Bradford told his questioner. “Just excited and anxious to get into the playbook and start learning the offense, and really just getting around the guys and meeting my new teammates … The past 12 hours, finding out I was going here, it’s been a little crazy.”

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Many see Bradford not as quarterback material rather they see him as an injury-prone player. Many even predicted that with Hill and Bradford taking turns in snapping the ball for the Vikings would certainly miss this year’s NFC playoffs.

It will be a very tall order to Bradford to overcome. With days left before the opening of the season, he will really have to dig deep inside to prove them wrong. For starters, Vikings general manager Rick Spielman believes the Bradford deal was good for them. Spielman added that they will be having a talented roster not only for this season.

Photo Courtesy: Keith Allison/Flickr