NFL Rumors: Rams place Jared Goff as the backup for Case Keenum ahead of Sean Mannion?

NFL Rumors: Rams place Jared Goff as the backup for Case Keenum ahead of Sean Mannion?

With the Los Angeles Rams taking on the Seattle Seahawks on Sunday, rumors are swirling that rookie quarterback Jared Goff will get to see action as the backup to Case Keenum. With the move, Goff is going ahead Sean Mannion, who should back up Keenum.

Despite his dismal performance, Ram coach Jeff Fisher is sticking with being Keenum is playing the starting gig against the Seahawks. With Keenum takes the lead, Mannion is the next guy who would come off the bench if Keenum flanks again.

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But Fisher is likely to give their prized rookie his baptism as he is likely to move up ahead of Mannion. Fisher has high hopes on Goff’s capabilities and told that their rookie arm thrower is still not ready to face the big league. Goff has this week to prove that he could handle the backup chores for him to ascend as Keenum’s backup.

Fisher has noted that their quarterbacks had a great training camp but he does not want to rush Goff to anything. He wants their rookie quarterback to learn from their veterans. Although Fisher noted that he would flip his quarterback roster, the likely candidates who would be affected are Keenum and Mannion only.

“He will be a great player. As we’ve said from Day One, we’re not rushing him. We don’t have to rush it. I’m really happy with where he is now. It’s unfair to compare him to anybody else. I know Philly has their situation; it’s a little different and trading Sam so Carson is going to start, but you know Jared is in a good place now. He’s done some really good things, so I’m really pleased with his progress,” Fisher explained.

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When the Rams took in Goff it was for a purpose and that is to the future of the franchise. Now that he is still learning his ways in the Rams’ system, Goff has to learn quickly so that he could prove that he is ready. If not, he will content himself by the sidelines enjoying how his team plays out every night.

Photo Courtesy: Praveer Sharma/Flickr