NFL Rumors: Rams releases Nick Foles; Can the Jets sign him?

NFL Rumors: Rams releases Nick Foles; Can the Jets sign him?

When the Los Angeles Rams announced Wednesday that they released quarterback Nick Foles, a spark of hope shone through as rumors are swirling that the situation could favor the New York Jets. The latter team could use the latest turn of event as leverage in their bid to end the contract stalemate with Ryan Fitzpatrick.

The Jets are now in training camp and are still on a lockdown with Fitzpatrick in terms of contract extension. Fitzpatrick refuses to sign a three-year worth $24 million with $15 million in the guarantee. With the situation over the Rams, they could very well sit down with Foles to discuss terms if he is willing to sign with them for the new season.

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If the talks with Fitzpatrick fail to materialize, then the option of getting Foles as their no. 2 quarterback could unfold. It has been a known notion that Geno Smith will start for the Jets in the event if Fitzpatrick could not agree to contract terms.

But the Jets must be ready with a lucrative offer to get Foles into their fold. ESPN’s Rich Cimini writes that Jets coach Todd Bowles is serious in getting an experienced quarterback to play as a backup to Smith if talks with Fitzpatrick take them down the drain.

“There’s still a good chance that Fitzpatrick will return to the Jets, but the team has to perform its due diligence, preparing a contingency plan. Neither Bryce Petty nor rookie Christian Hackenberg is ready for the No. 2 job, but Foles would be a nice fit,” Cimini said.

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Foles hinted the Rams that he wanted to be release. The Associated Press noted that Foles had a bad season last year throwing for 2,052 yards and getting seven touchdowns in total with the Rams. He received word that the team would trade him that made him skip offseason workouts. When the Rams drafted Jared Goff in the recent NFL draft, he knew it was his cue to leave the Rams after being traded by the Philadelphia Eagles in March of last year.

The Foles situation now gives Fitzpatrick to think deep that if he ever wants to play next season, he should reconsider the Jets’ offer and get back to the negotiating table. Otherwise, the Jets have no other recourse but to start their talks with Foles. Teams like the New England Patriots will surely be in the pursuit as well given that Tom Brady is to serve a four-game suspension.

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