NFL Rumors: Rams to ship Nick Foles to New York as Jets continue standoff with Ryan Fitzpatrick?

NFL Rumors: Rams to ship Nick Foles to New York as Jets continue standoff with Ryan Fitzpatrick?

With the ongoing standoff between quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick and the New York Jets, a new door opens in the horizon as the Los Angeles Rams may have found a place for Nick Foles and rumors are swirling that the Rams are now in talks with the Jets for a possible quarterback trade this summer.

Foles ended on the Rams roster after he was traded to the Philadelphia Eagles for Sam Bradford. He would then sign a two-year $24 million extension with a voidable clause on the second year based on performance (pro bowl and team wins). In the Rams’ final five games of the season, Foles was seen on the bench in favor of Case Keenum.

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The future seems unclear for Foles when the Rams traded their No. 1 pick in the recent draft and took Jared Goff, which others saw as preparations for a Foles trade. Foles has not reported for the team’s workout at the team’s facility further fueling speculations of a pending trade. Since both Foles and the Rams are on the same page, a possible trade with the Jets could work well for both teams as the Jets themselves are having a hard time getting Fitzpatrick to sign a $12 million extension offer.

“We’re on the same page and trying to work things out. That’s all I can say. These are voluntary. We have three quarterbacks on the field right now and it’s hard to enough to get reps for all three of them, so we’re in the process of sorting things out with Nick. It has nothing to do with him not wanting to come in and compete, at all. He’s very, very competitive. We appreciate everything he did for us, and his leadership and his teammates miss him, but I don’t have any more information other than we’re just trying to sort things out,” Rams coach Jeff Fisher said.

Fitzpatrick’s problem with the Jets has dated prior to the annual draft as he would not take in the contract extension. Maybe a trade talk with the Rams could possibly solve the problem and the two teams could swap the two disgruntled quarterbacks and be free of financial obligations as well.

Fitzpatrick wants a higher paycheck of $12 million while the Jets rejected the idea as they would have to restructure Fitzpatrick’s contract which stands at $3 million and would affect the team’s salary cap. Thus, leading to the standoff on both sides, the Jets could possibly explore the Foles problem with the Rams to finish this saga.

Jets head coach Todd Bowles said Wednesday that nothing has changed even though Fitzpatrick and the Jets have yet to finalize everything.

“Like I said before, it’s like an injury,” Bowles said. “If he gets injured and he’s out for the year, you don’t grow concerned you get the next guys ready to play.”

With the Rams and the Jets having troubles with their quarterbacks, a trade could possibly heat things up. It could be an eye opener for both Foles and Fitzpatrick as both want a stable contract in playing the sport they love.

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  • Jake and Elmo

    What b.s. – no source, no nothing. Pure speculation so people can click on your article. What a joke.

  • Phillyterp85

    Fitzpatrick is a free agent, not under contract with the Jets. So there can be no QB swap trade trade here.