NFL Rumors: Rookie QB Jared Goff to lead the Rams in a preseason match against the Chiefs?

NFL Rumors: Rookie QB Jared Goff to lead the Rams in a preseason match against the Chiefs?

Rookie quarterback and top pick Jared Goff surely made an impression with Los Angeles Rams head coach Jeff Fisher. Rumors are swirling that he will be given a starting opportunity when they meet the Kansas City Chiefs in another preseason match this weekend.

Fisher does not mind the shoulder injury that Goff took after he was welcomed by the Cowboys with a tackle. He told ESPN that Goff needs to get more snaps to be able to work well with the offensive team. It is clear though that Fisher wants Goff to get the needed exposure if he wants to backup for Case Keenum.

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“He’ll be fine,” Fisher said Sunday. “He’ll be practicing this week. There are no concerns whatsoever. There’s nothing to report as far as AC separation or things like that. He’s just a little banged up and sore, but was doing well this morning when I saw him in the training room.”

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Fisher’s decision looks questionable since it was Sean Mannion who stole the limelight as he gave the Rams the 28-24 win over the Cowboys. Mannion threw a nine-yard pass to running back Aaron Green, who went on to score the winning touchdown. Certainly, if anyone needs a starter’s snap this weekend it should be Mannion, who has been with the Rams since last year.

But Fisher is likely to stick to his decision of sending Goff to a starting position this weekend despite his 4 out of 9 passing for 38-yards against the Cowboys. Goff’s passes yielded two interceptions, not to mention getting his shoulder injured in the process.

Fisher is defending his decision on Goff saying that coaches see things differently from others. He noted that Goff played calmly and shown leadership in the field. It is one quality that convinced him to give his rookie quarterback a chance against the Chiefs.

“You have no idea what he did on the line of scrimmage. How he checked in and out of things, changed protection. We saw a lot of good things there. The huddle, the tempo, the timing was all there. It’s just progression and that’s what we’re looking for,” Fisher tells of Goff.

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Certainly, Goff showed that he can play under pressure and that he has the leadership to bring a team to the distance. Fisher is giving his rookie quarterback the needed confidence that he will need when the season starts. He just hopes that Goff will be up for the challenge and make a believer out of everyone.

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    Goff is probably the 3rd best rookie QB, behind Boykin and that dude from Miss St.