NFL Rumors: Ryan Fitzpatrick to sign with Patriots as Tom Brady serves four-game suspension?

NFL Rumors: Ryan Fitzpatrick to sign with Patriots as Tom Brady serves four-game suspension?

With Ryan Fitzpatrick still undecided if he will re-sign with the New York Jets, rumors are swirling that he would sign with the New England Patriots as Tom Brady is set to serve his four-game suspension following the decision on the deflation case.

Fitzpatrick has turned down a three-year $24 million contract with the Jets as he asked for a guaranteed money offer for the second year and full guarantee on the third year. The Jets have already exhausted all possible means to re-sign their quarterback but it seems Fitzpatrick wants more assurance for his future as well. With the talks still on a stalemate situation, the Patriots do have a chance to snag the free agent quarterback once Brady serves the suspension order this year.

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The 38-year old Brady has been accused of deflating footballs before their AFC Championship back in 2015 when they played against the Indianapolis Colts. Brady has stated on his Facebook account that he will not appeal the decision which means trouble for the Patriots as they would need a steady quarterback to lead them. Thus, taking in Fitzpatrick would be the best option for the Patriots.

“I’m very grateful for the overwhelming support I’ve received from Mr. Kraft, the Kraft family, coach Belichick, my coaches and teammates, the NFLPA, my agents, my loving family and most of all, our fans. It has been a challenging 18 months and I have made the difficult decision to no longer proceed with the legal process. I’m going to work hard to be the best player I can be for the New England Patriots and I look forward to having the opportunity to return to the field this fall,” Brady stated.

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For Patriots coach Bill Belichick third year pro, Jimmy Garoppolo, and rookie Jacoby Brissett does not seem enough to lead the Patriots next season. The idea of getting Fitzpatrick to sign with them will add another veteran to their roster. With the continued standoff with the contract negotiations, the Patriots could very well get into the picture and present their offer.

The NFLPA will try to appeal the decision to the Supreme Court to void the decision on Brady, but until it’s not yet being decided, the Patriots have no other choice but to follow. And since Fitzpatrick and the Jets could not get along with the contract negotiations, the Patriots might as well join the fray and get their chances of snagging Fitzpatrick in preparation for their campaign in the next season.

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  • Bob Fowler

    I hope that Fitzpatrick signs with the Patriots. That would do a lot more for the Jets than it will for NE. Fitzpatrick isn’t going to lead the Jets to a Super Bowl title this year, especially with the schedule that the Jets face early on in the season. NE doesn’t really face a real challenge in the East this year, so they’ll be playing out the 16 games as a prepping for the post season and future. The Jets would do well to use this season as a prepping for good years ahead, by establishing the QB of the future, and getting the Bowles system down pat. IF, and that’s a really big if, they can do that, they can be contenders for years to come. If not, at least they didn’t waste the season with false hopes of what Fitzpatrick could have been.