NFL Rumors: Tony Romo out for the season following back injury?

NFL Rumors: Tony Romo out for the season following back injury?

Veteran quarterback Tony Romo just ran three plays in their pre-season match against the Seattle Seahawks when he was hit from behind and taken out of the game immediately. Rumors are swirling that Romo will be out for the rest of the season for the Dallas Cowboys. reported that Romo ran a play and took a hit from behind courtesy of defensive end Cliff Avril. The play stopped as Romo was complaining of an ache in his back and was reaching for it.

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Romo stayed down on the turf and eventually walked out of the field but still shaken from the sack he just experienced.

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With Romo back in the bench, Dak Prescott went in to replace him and played well all throughout the game. At the sidelines, Romo stretched by the team’s trainer and wanted to re-enter the game but Cowboys’ coach Jason Garrett decided not to bring him back. The Cowboys decided to rest Romo as they do not want to aggravate his injury.

The incident in Romo overshadowed running back Ezekiel Elliott, who dash his way for 48 yards on seven carries. Romo completes an 11-yard pass to Terrence Williams before getting sacked on the third snap.

The game between the Cowboys against the Seahawks is still playing as of this writing with the score tied at 10-all. The Cowboys looked on Prescott to finish the game strong, but may not start for the team as of yet.

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It would be a challenge now for the Cowboys to decide how Romo’s condition will change their offense. If Romo would not be able to bounce back from the recent hit he got, then the Cowboys will have no other recourse but to give Prescott the starting position with Jameill Showers as his backup.

Romo’s health issues have been a constant concern for the Cowboys. With the hit on him and his back injury getting both medical and media attention, it would be an interesting decision on the Cowboys end. They would be pondering whether they would give Prescott the opportunity to prove he can lead the team and be the future of the franchise.

Photo Courtesy: Bigcats lair (talk)/Wikimedia