NFL Rumors: Undrafted QB Trevone Boykin to give Russell Wilson a run for starter’s spot?

NFL Rumors: Undrafted QB Trevone Boykin to give Russell Wilson a run for starter’s spot?

Aside from a return to the Super Bowl, Seattle Seahawk quarterback Russell Wilson will have to perform at his best every night. Rumors are swirling that backup arm thrower Trevone Boykin could possibly snag the starter’s position from Wilson.

Boykin performed with high praises from Seahawks’ coach Peter Carroll after closing out their pre-season match against the Kansas City Chiefs with a 17-16 win Saturday afternoon. With time running down on their final play, Boykin took a snap and managed to locate wide receiver Tanner McEvoy and completed a pass in the end zone for the touchdown and the win.

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Even though the match has bee just a pre-season one, but having those kinds of play boosts the morale of the team especially the confidence of a backup quarterback. It was even more static as the 22-year old out of TCU, who signed a three-year deal worth $1.6 million with the Seahawks as an undrafted free agent, close out the game with a win.

Wilson started for the Seahawks and opened the match strong, but the 27-year old Super Bowl 48 heroes threw an ill-advised pass in the red zone that was intercepted by Kansas City cornerback Marcus Peters. He was then replaced by Boykin, who propelled the Seahawks to a last minute play that merited them the win.

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Though Carroll sees it fit for Boykin to come off the bench, he is not discounting the potential that he has on the field. Carroll also pointed out that Wilson remains as their starting quarterback for the season, but having an arm in Boykin makes them a deadly team to watch.

“He has really made it clear to us that he’s serious about the work, he’s serious about the consistency,” Carroll said. “He has taken pride in the way he has brought it day in and day out all through the off-season.”

With a revamp of their offensive line and having two quarterbacks who are set to lead the team, the Seahawks look forward to another strong season. And if the pre-season match is any indication, teams out there need to scout them out as they are coming hard next season.

Photo Courtesy: Larry Maurer/Flickr

  • disqus_nNOwtzuLUv

    Biggest bunch of hogwash I’ve ever heard. He had one preseason game against second stringers for crying out loud. Wilson is the starter, and it’s not even close.

  • Run

    Let’s not get delusional.

    If Boykins can beat out Wilson, or even compete with him, he is a top-5 QB in the league. He reminds me a lot of Wilson, and could develop into great insurance if Wilson leaves in 2020 as a free agent (he could go to the Rams, Jets, 49ers, Cardinals, Bears, Broncos, or even the Falcons if Pete Carroll leaves).

    But as long as Wilson is healthy and performing at a high level there’s absolutely no reason to replace him. When Tom Brady retires Wilson will be in the conversation for best QB in the league! Boykins will probably develop into a starter for a quarterback-thirsty team, and allow Seattle to go shopping for players who fill needs.