NFL Rumors: Viking interested in signing Nick Foles?

NFL Rumors: Viking interested in signing Nick Foles?

Expectations run high for the Minnesota Vikings this coming season and as they look to upgrade their quarterback rotation. Rumors are swirling that the Vikings may opt to sign Nick Foles.

When Foles was released by the Rams on Wednesday, teams including the Vikings were on the list of interested groups out to get him. The Vikings lost one of its quarterbacks, Taylor Heinicke, to a non-football injury and they seem to question if Shaun Hill and Teddy Bridgewater would be able to carry the team this season.

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Bringing in Foles to the Vikings would give them another veteran that could help their cause. It would also bring a steep competition for the starting job which would be beneficial for the Vikings. Patrick Reusse from ESPN 1500 noted that sources are stating that if the Vikings secure Foles, Bridgewater and Hill will have to look back at their shoulder because coach Mike Zimmer might consider him at the starting post.

Bridgewater had 6,150 passing yards last season that translated to 28 touchdowns with 21 interceptions. He had 551 passing completion with a percentage of 64.9 while Hill has a record of 8,053 passing yards last season with 738 completion that translated to 49 touchdowns, 30 interceptions, and a rate of 85.2.

Though Foles may have had a rough time with the Rams last season but he has career stats that the Vikings might want. Foles has an 87.3 rating with 8,805 passing yards that translates to 53 touchdowns, 27 interceptions and a passing completion at 740. Looking at the numbers, it’s no brainer that Foles could simply bring something to the Vikings.

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Judd Zulgad also of 1500 ESPN noted that Foles almost certainly would be considered an upgrade by the Vikings as their backup to Shaun Hill, who is entering his 15th season and attempted only seven passes in three games last season.

“Hill is an asset because he’s a savvy veteran who can provide guidance for Bridgewater. But if something were to happen to Bridgewater, the Vikings would be in big trouble. With Bridgewater entering his third season, it’s also likely his need for a mentor is decreasing,” Zulgad wrote.

The Vikings are hoping for a solid performance this coming season. With uncertainty in the quarterback position and injuries that have struck them as early as now adding Foles might just add some flexibility and good competition to their roster rotation.

Photo Courtesy: Keith Allison/Flickr