Rams vs. Seahawks Preview: Rams confident Case Keenum could beat Russell Willson on Sunday?

Rams vs. Seahawks Preview: Rams confident Case Keenum could beat Russell Willson on Sunday?

Despite his dismal performance, the Los Angeles Rams are still confident Case Keenum will find his rhythm. Rumors are swirling that Rams coach Jeff Fisher believes Keenum is still the best choice to start for them when they face Russell Wilson and the Seahawks Sunday.

Fisher told NFL.com that even if Keenum ran flat in their season opener, he will stick with his choice and there is no turning back. His statement says it all and his trust in Keenum is so high that he is likely to stake his neck for him.

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“I thought about it. Just wanted Case to finish it… I would have done the same had Jared been (No.) 2,” Fisher told reporters after the 28-0 beat down. “I would have let Case finish it. This doesn’t change anything as far as about quarterback .”

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Fisher noted that he and Keenum will have to talk and adjust some plays. By that he hopes that Keenum will be much prepared as he takes on Wilson and the Seahawks defense. It seems the Rams are making top overall pick Jared Goff a future project unless he shows something spectacular to earn a starting gig.

Though many are calling for a revamp on the quarterback position, Fisher feels it’s just the first game and unfair to judge Keenum already. Thus the pressure is now mounting for Keenum to come up with a plan on how to outwit the Seahawks defense, which has been relentless in their 12-10 win over the Dolphins.

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Though Wilson has an ankle injury, he is likely to start for them and will take the snaps this Sunday. Seahawks coach Pete Carroll already stated that Wilson is not the type of player who would let an injury slow him down.

Carroll is no longer surprised with the work ethics Wilson has put into since he was starting quarterback in 2012 and that is some pointers for Keenum to follow.

Photo Courtesy: Kevin B Long/Wikimedia