Rumors: Could Johnny Manziel end up like Todd Marinovich?

Rumors: Could Johnny Manziel end up like Todd Marinovich?

There has been no update about how Johnny Manziel is doing and that sends an alarming concern for all close to him. Rumors are swirling that if Manziel does not shape up, he will like to end up like former L.A. Raiders quarterback Todd Marinovich.

David Steele of Sporting News wrote that people should need not be shocked if news breaks out with Manziel being naked and found with drugs in his possession, just like Marinovich. The 47-year old former USC Trojan superstar got arrested last Friday night after a caller reported a naked man running around their neighborhood.

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Marinovich got arrested and drugs were found in his possession as well. His mug shot was taken and Marinovich looked 10 years older that his age. Many note that the same could possibly happen to Manziel if he does not get immediate help.

Manziel is still jobless with no teams wanting to take him unless he undergoes rehabilitation. The problem lies that Manziel does not want any help. Former Dallas Cowboys and Seattle Seahawk quarterback Ryan Leaf told KESN-FM that many people have extended help to Manziel, but the 23-year old former Heisman Trophy winner is not “down” with it.

“I don’t know if it’s even worth discussing. We’ve offered our help, a lot of people have, he’s simply just not interested until he’s going to – until he needs it,” Leaf said.

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He added that when he sees Manziel it is as if he is looking at himself in a mirror. Leaf hopes that Manziel would be able to realize where his life is taking him before he reaches rock bottom. He stresses that he is still willing to help Manziel, but Manziel must see that he needs help first.

Like Manziel, Leaf was in the prime of his career in the NFL before stardom and drugs took his career and life away. He got to trouble with the authorities and now is making an 180-degree turn to clean his life. Leaf says it is not too late for Manziel yet, he just needs to realize that too.

Photo Courtesy: Erik Daniel Drost/Flickr