Seahawks vs. Rams News: Russell Wilson will play despite ankle injury?

Seahawks vs. Rams News: Russell Wilson will play despite ankle injury?

Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson did mind his ankle injury in their 12-10 victory over the Miami Dolphins in their season opener. Rumors are swirling that Wilson will still play and lead the Seahawks when they meet the Los Angeles Rams on Sunday.

The Seattle Times reported that Seahawks coach Pete Carroll is optimistic Wilson will be with the team for Wednesday’s practice. Wilson was at the Seahawks’ practice facility without wearing a protective boot.

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Carroll added that he is no longer surprised by Wilson’s action as the 27-year old out of Cincinnati, Ohio has never missed a game since he was the team’s quarterback in 2012.

“He’s been banged up at times,” Carroll said. “They’re not injuries but things that have bothered him and stuff. Just stuff that happens over the course of getting pounded on. His attitude’s just always been the same. He never flinched. He never wavers. So this is the first time he’s really had something that we’d consider an injury that you’ve got to talk about.”

Carroll noted that Wilson has battled injuries before and took it as a challenge for him to rise above it and play on. He noted that the team will check Wilson’s progress during their practice so as not to aggravate further his injury. But Carroll is not taking any chances and plans to activate Trevone Boykin Wilson’s backup.

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Wilson injured his ankle after Dolphins’ defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh sacked him and stepped on his right ankle in the third quarter of action. Many thought the Seahawks would sideline him after the play but Wilson just had his ankle re-taped and continued to play. Showing a heart of a champion, Wilson posted on Twitter that he is eager to face the Rams on Sunday.

The Seahawks have breezed through week one with a win and Wilson wants to keep it that way. Wilson plans to lead the Seahawks back to a Super Bowl performance and no injury could stop him this season.

Photo Courtesy: Larry Maurer/Flickr