Vikings vs. Giants Preview, Odds, and Live Streaming: Can the Vikings make it four in a row in Week 4?

Vikings vs. Giants Preview, Odds, and Live Streaming: Can the Vikings make it four in a row in Week 4?

The Minnesota Vikings may have lost valuable assets at the start of the season but they are still unbeaten. Going into Week 4 of play, the Vikings aim to make it four in a row when they host the New York Giants on Monday night.

Big Blue View notes that what keeps the Vikings in a winning row is their defense that has sent a strong message to teams around the league. In their previous meeting with the Carolina Panthers, the Vikings’ defense demolished Cam Newton with eight sacks and three pass interceptions.

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The Vikings would romp away with a dominating 22-10 victory. A victory that would make the Panthers look like puppies with no masters. Going into their match against the Giants, the Vikings are still favored to score the win and keep their lead in the North. The Vikings defense will have the troika of Defensive ends Everson Griffen, Danielle Hunter, and ironically by former Giants defensive tackle Linval Joseph.

The Vikings lost starting quarterback Teddy Bridgewater and running back Adrian Peterson early in the season but it was not a cause for an alarm. Sam Bradford and Shaun Hill have kept their end of the bargain leading the team in offense.

Bradford may still be adjusting to the Vikings offense but has done a decent job so far with three touchdowns, no interceptions, and a stellar 107.8 passer rating. He has definitely erased all doubts when the Vikings signed him up as a replacement to Bridgewater.

The Giants, however, will have to dig deep into their bags of tricks as the Vikings defense will be unforgiving especially in front of a hometown crowd. Eli Manning has the worst history against the Vikings and will again be tested come game night.

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It would be an interesting match as the Giants will have Odell Beckham Jr. this time around. What is scary is that if the Vikings take the Giants for granted. The Giants is not a strong team but they will grab any opportunity when it presents itself.

The Giants may have a thin defense but their offense might spell the difference if they catch the Vikings unguarded. It will be one heck of a ball game with all stakes on the table with the Vikings hoping to stay clean their record while the Giants look at redemption to get their bearing back.

Watch the live streaming of the Vikings hosting the Giants on Monday night at 8:30 p.m. EDT at NFL Game Pass.

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