NHL, NHLPA meet in NYC, still far from an agreement

The NHL and the NHL’s players’ association held talks yesterday in New York City ahead of a looming lockout.  It was the first time the two sides met face-to-face since August 31.

According to ESPN.com, the NHLPA made an offer, which was met with a counterproposal from the NHL owners.  The owners’ new proposal offered 49% of hockey-related revenue to the players which, over a six-year period, would ultimately drop down to 47% by the end of the agreement.

In the expiring collective bargaining agreement, the players received 57% of all hockey revenue, but the owners, in their first proposal a few weeks ago, offered only 43% to the players association.

Even though the owners have come up from their initial offer, the Dallas Morning News is reporting that the players still have no interest in accepting a deal in which they must give back money from their current contracts.  Consequently, the two sides still remain far apart in the negotiations.

Last month, NHL commissioner Gary Bettman stated that the NHL would lock the players out if an agreement was not reached by September 15.

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