NHL players union disappointed with new proposal

We’ve seen it again and again, most recently with the NBA. Lockouts. The next victim could be the NHL.

The NHL players union and owners have been meeting in recent weeks to negotiate a new CBA. The current one expires Sept. 15 and there is still a gap to be closed concerning revenue.

The players currently receive 57 percent of the revenue and, in the most recent proposal, the owners want to drop that down to 47 percent.

“Everybody understands that employers would always like to pay less,” Fehr told NBCSports. “That’s not a surprise to anybody — it’s disappointing sometimes — but it’s not a surprise.”

With economic crisis among us, leagues like the NHL and NBA are having to make cuts to revenue in order to keep the leagues even running much less profitable.

In the 2004-2005 season, the NHL had a season-long lockout and both the players and union are trying to avoid that from happening again. But, according to the Associated Press, the league said they will lock out players if some sort of agreement isn’t met by Sept. 15th.

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