No suspect yet in burglary at Oklahoma coach Bob Stoops’s home

Wednesday morning, “a vehicle and other items” were stolen from the home of Oklahoma University coach Bob Stoops, according to police. There are no suspects as of yet in the police’s ongoing investigation.

“It was personal property and my understanding is a vehicle as well,” Norman Police Sgt. Jennifer Newell said to the media.

The break-in occurred overnight with several members of the Stoops family in the house, and the police received a call at 8:30 in the morning. The Stoops family had moved into this new home in Norman, Oklahoma after the tornado that tore through central Oklahoma last month, according to CBS Sports. Given that no one in the house knew what was happening during the burglary, it is lucky that no one was hurt.

Newell confirmed that people were home at the time of the incident. Coach Stoops may not have been, says the Associated Press. Newell said that there have not been reports of any burglaries in the neighborhood recently and the police will continue to investigate.