Notre Dame LB Danny Spond ends football career

Notre Dame linebacker Danny Spond has decided to end his football career after a number of persistent injuries and health concerns.

According to the Associated Press, Spond, who started for the Fighting Irish last season, has announced he will step away from football for his future health.

Spond was a starter last season with Notre Dame, however, an unknown injury, later diagnosed as a severe migraine, sidelined the linebacker with half of his body paralyzed.

After recovering from the injury, the Irish linebacker collected 39 tackles, an interception and 3 breakups on the way to the BCS title game with Notre Dame. Now, the team will have to move on without him and find another linebacker before the season begins.

This doesn’t mean that Spond’s time with the Irish football team is over, as head coach Brian Kelly wished him well and announced his plans for the linebacker during the season.

“He loves his teammates, but I think what’s most important is he did what was in his best interest for his future,” Kelly said in a statement posted on ESPN. “He’s got a bright future. And his immediate (future) is he wants to be with the team, and our teammates were excited to hear he’ll be with us every day. He’ll travel with us. He’ll help coach.”

Notre Dame still should be one of the better teams on defense this season, however, the loss of Spond so close to the season means another must step up quick and be ready to fill some big shoes in 2013.

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