Oakland A’s continue great season

The Oakland Athletics amazing season is far from over.

They took it to the Boston Red Sox this weekend sweeping the series and giving the Red Sox arguably the worst loss of their season in a 20-2 defeat Friday Night. Oakland has been able to stay hot in the second half and you can make the case that manager Bob Melvin should be manager of the year.

Melvin said that he couldn’t have been more impressed with the way his team has performed during the hot stretch.

“To give us three games with that kind of performance, with the magnitude of the games… is all really impressive,” said Bob Melvin.

As for the Red Sox well they are hoping the season for them ends soon. Too much drama has plagued their season and the people in Boston I am sure cannot wait for Patriots games to start again.

Red Sox second basemen Dustin Pedroia said the tam is basically a mess right now.

“We’re really not doing anything well,” second baseman Dustin Pedroia said. “Nobody’s quitting. We’re professionals, we’re going to play as hard as we can. This isn’t a trying league. You have to play well and perform well to win games, and we haven’t done that.”

One team is going one way while another is sinking faster then the Titanic.


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