Oakland Athletics try to turn the burner on for Bud

Three years ago the Oakland Athletics put their fate in the hands of Bud Selig, today they finally took action.

The Oakland Athletics filed paperwork to place their stadium issues on the owners meetings agenda. Susan Slusser of the Chronicle cited two sources close to the situation, who said that the paperwork is filed and it comes before the end of the month deadline for setting the agenda.

Just because the A’s filed the paperwork in time it does not necessarily mean the stadium issues will appear on the agenda, that is ultimately, Bud Selig’s, decision.

Bud Selig is now under pressure to keep his word and put the A’s on the “front burner.” Selig is reluctant to talk about the issues in Oakland, but his actions suggest that he has placed the A’s stadium on the back-burner. Since stating that the A’s were on the “front burner” three months ago, Selig has: moved the Astros to the American League,  creating a schedule where inter-league play will occur daily and added a wild-card in each league, thus reformatting the entire playoff system.

This unfolds as the A’s are clinging for survival. Last night the A’s drew an astonishing 12,000 fans. This is only the second week of the season, as the season goes on the attendance problem will only get worse.

Lew Woolfe had no comment on the situation, but his actions suggests that this might be a last chance effort to save the team. If the attendance does not get better, Woolfe and MLB must look at possibly contracting the A’s or moving them to a different locale.

One thing is clear the Oakland A’s will not go down without a fight.

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