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ISIS Update: Desh planned to feed poisonous ice-cream to kids before blowing Sikh temple in Germany!

ISIS Update: Desh planned to feed poisonous ice-cream to kids before blowing Sikh temple in Germany!

Can something as modest as ice cream turn into a deadly weapon? For ISIS, nothing is pious or modest. In a shocking revelation by ISIS fanatics arrested in Germany, the terrorist group hatched a plot to feed poisonous ice-cream to kindergarten kids before detonating bombs.

The dastardly plot came to light during the hearings related to the bombing incident at a Sikh temple in Essen in April 2016. The German police had arrested three people related to the incident.

The New Mode of Warfare: Ice-cream intoxication  

This is the first time a terrorist outfit has used ice-cream as a weapon of destruction. The plan to poison kids before blowing up the Sikh temple emerged in detail during the hearings of the two IS terrorists Mohammed O. (MO) and Yusuf T. Both teenagers hatched the conspiracy to create havoc in the minds of German citizens.

The plan to put kids in kindergarten in jeopardy would have created a massive impact on Germany’s open-door policy towards the refugees from war-torn areas of Syria, Iraq and Turkey.

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Where does the ice-cream fit into the whole bombing plot?

The gruesome idea to poison kids using ice-creams were revealed in a letter written by MO to Yusuf before carrying out the bombing. MO worked as an ice-cream seller. He sought permission from Yusuf about poisoning the kids using arsenic, warfarin and strychnine. He even came up with a plan to take up a suicide mission inside the kindergarten by crashing the van there.

The perpetrators planned to buy the ice-cream and ingredients to make a bomb from the online shopping platform, Amazon.com.

Why did the ISIS target the Sikhs in Germany?

The bombing took place in Essen during the Sikh festival Baisakhi. Apart from the cultural fests, the Sikh temple was also holding classes for small kids. It was simultaneously holding a wedding event as well and the injured people were mostly guests. The police immediately arrested two juvenile Islam followers. It was first believed to be a targeted bombing on Sikhs. It was later established that both teens at links with the IS.

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Meanwhile, German Police arrested a man working as an Intelligence Officer of the BfV for suspected links with the ISIS? Is Germany the Syrian quarter for ISIS now!


Photo courtesy: Dean11122/ Wikimedia Commons

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