China explosion: Poor safety guidelines led to power plant explosion?

China explosion: Poor safety guidelines led to power plant explosion?

China’s obvious lack in safety guidelines has led to an explosion of a power plant in the central province of Hubei, Thursday afternoon.

Xinhua reported that 21 individuals have been confirmed dead while five others injured from the power plant explosion. The incident comes just one day from the anniversary of last year’s deadly blast at a chemical warehouse in the city of Tianjin.

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Officials and authorities have not yet given any details as to what triggered the explosion. But added that a high-pressure steam pipe exploded at the power plant owned by Madian Gangue Power Generation Co. Ltd. in Danyang City around 3:20 p.m.

Authorities added that 49 officials from the power plant have been detained for questioning. It was also noted that aside from electricity, the said power plant is also involved in selling slag and ash, as well as petroleum products.

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With the explosion, smoke could be seen rising from the facility. Al Jazeera’s Adrian Brown reported that experts believe that the soil where the power plant stands is still contaminated. With the information, people are weary for their safety.

This is not the first time that China has experienced this type of accidents. People are hoping that government would step up and upgrade the inspection procedures to guarantee their safety.

Photo Courtesy: Vmenkov/Wikimedia