‘Deadliest Catch’ Season 13 Rumors: Capt. Sig Hansen not coming back due to a heart attack?

‘Deadliest Catch’ Season 13 Rumors: Capt. Sig Hansen not coming back due to a heart attack?

Season 12 will be memorable for all the skippers, especially for Capt. Sig Hansen, who managed to recover from a heart attack last March at sea. Rumors have been swirling that Hansen will not be back for season 13 of Discovery’s reality show the “Deadliest Catch” due to his health condition.

Nothing official has been issued by the Discovery Channel, yet. A doctor at a hospital in Anchorage told the 50-year old skipper that stress and smoking cigarettes played a major role in the heart attack. The doctor told Hansen that he was lucky to have escaped a near death situation.

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With another season over, fans are wary if Hansen and the other skippers will be back next year. But Knowing Hansen, he will not let his heart condition get on his way to fishing. However, in a previous interview, he stated that he is now embracing a new lifestyle that includes a strict diet, giving up smoking, and enjoying every minute with his family.

Another member of the fleet, Capt. Bill Wichrowski, is also worried about what will come about on the show for next season. Wichrowski told AV Club that Hansen is one of the original members of the show and losing him next season will surely be a big blow to the show.

“You lose Sig, you lose Time Bandit and you’re not going to keep this fan base. These guys have developed a fan base and these people can relate to these guys like they’re family. To think you’re just going to bring in some new boat and it’s going to fill the slot, that’s crazy. That’s not going to happen,” Wichrowski said.

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Contracts for all skippers in the show are up for review and there is no telling what decision the production team will hand down for the new season. Surely, Hansen’s recent health situation will be up for consideration, while for Wichrowski and the others with or without the show, they will still continue with their life in the Bering sea.

Photo Courtesy: Fvnorthwestern/Wikimedia

  • Henry Holliday

    I am fine with wild bill leaving the show and as far as Sig goes his health should be priority Edgar can run the boat

    • Nick

      What is the matter Henry (Zack) Holiday, daddy expects something of you?

      • Henry Holliday

        no actually he does not and the fact that you are calling me names and find the way bill treats his son in a very demeaning perfectly fine way I would have to assume the you are a couple chromosomes short of a human and as such not worthy of further communication

  • Bry Collin

    We love you Sig, you brighten up our lives by showing how dangerous your job is. Your one of greats. God bless.