Eminem unreleased songs, collaborations available online; helps D12 in a new album?

Eminem unreleased songs, collaborations available online; helps D12 in a new album?

As Eminem fans wait for when a new album will be released, the rapper’s unreleased songs and collaborative works are now all available online. It also has guest verses, music videos, and other stuff about Eminem.

According to XXL Mag, a Reddit account user who goes by the name of “Doogywassa” created a Wakalet full of Eminem’s music. Wakalet is an easy and enjoyable way to organize any content on the web into stunning and visual collections called ‘wakes’. Aside from videos, one can also add photos and notes.

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In Eminem’s Wakalet, Doogywassa described the 43-year old rapper as one of the most “accomplished and decorated artists of all time, helping to propel hip-hop into pop culture whilst simultaneously trying to destroy the pop culture.”

“I’ve put this page together to collect every bit of significant Eminem content, from his guest verses, to music videos and diss tracks, and everything in between,” Doogywassa added.

As the Real Slim Shady’s music will once again be heard, news of his collaboration with hip hop group D12 stirs curiosity. Fans are wondering if Eminem will record a new album as well.

IBT reports that Swifty Mcvay confirmed Eminem’s participation for the group’s next album but did not further explained how the American rapper would be of help to the group.

“Will D12 have another album? Yes. Will Eminem be a part of it? Yes,” he said in a video interview circulating on Twitter.

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Eminem released his last album back in 2013 entitled “The Marshall Mathers LP 2.” Since then, there has been no news of when the “Rap God” will release a new album. Without a new album and scarcity of gigs, Eminem has dropped from Forbes’ Celebrity 100 list of the world’s highest paid celebrities.

Aside from his upcoming collaboration with D12, Eminem is also busy with his gaming venture “Shady Wars” and composing new tracks for television and film.

Photo Courtesy: Nicholastbroussard/Wikimedia

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