‘The Flash’ Season 3 Spoiler: New trailer reveals memory loss for Barry Allen and friends?

‘The Flash’ Season 3 Spoiler: New trailer reveals memory loss for Barry Allen and friends?

A new trailer, which is  a promotional teaser for the upcoming season 3 of the series “The Flash” was released. The trailer reveals memory loss to Barry Allen’s friends.

Last season, Barry (Grant Gustin) broke the rules when he traveled back in time to save his parents and in doing so he has altered the course of time. By Barry’s actions, it created an altered new reality wherein his friends do not know who he is.

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In the latest trailer, Barry walks in a new coffee shop together with his father and asked specifically what date it was. It also showed a glimpse of the major villain that Barry and his alter ego “The Flash” will take on – Dr. Alchemy.

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A scene also has Barry explains briefly to his closest friend Cisco (Carlos Valdes) how he managed to alter time. But even Cisco, who is a wealthy genius in the altered timeline, seemed perplexed by his explanation as he does not know who Barry is.

As if all hope is lost, Barry sees a bit with his love interest and best friend Iris West (Candice Patton) who seemed to remember who he is. It’s a possibility that Iris does remember Barry and helps him correct his mistakes. The question is, can they also convince Cisco to help them in the process?

“The Flash” Season 3 takes its storyline from the comic book with the same title “Flashpoint” but it will not take the season down with it. Worth taking aside from the excitement upon the release of the new season is that Kevin Smith is coming back in the show’s director’s chair.

Video Courtesy: The CW Television Network/YouTube.com

IBT reported that the whole cast and crew enjoyed working with Smith that made CW decided to bring him back for the new season. Smith confirmed that he is coming back to the show after posting on various social mediums. And it seems that CW likes Smith so much that he will also be given a break to direct an episode in season 2 of “Supergirl.”

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“The Flash” Season 3 will be an action pack and a season full of twists after Barry’s action. Everybody hopes that Barry will be able to solve this problem while getting tangled with Dr. Alchemy, who is also determined to cause chaos in Central City.

Catch Barry in Season 3 of “The Flash” premiering on Oct. 4 over at CW.

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