Hillary Clinton dead? ABC Anchor reports presidential candidate died after 9/11 episode

Hillary Clinton dead? ABC Anchor reports presidential candidate died after 9/11 episode

Is Hillary Clinton dead?

“We begin with the breaking news about Hillary Clinton’s death,” opened ABC news anchor Joe Torres during the evening news, prompting another death hoax story to flood the Internet once more.

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After the presidential hopeful collapsed during the 9/11 memorial day, many begun questioning her declining health. Initial speculations that led to her incident ranged from a past concussion injury, stress, and other possible factors.

Her campaign team eventually revealed that Clinton had been suffering from pneumonia, and simply refused to rest putting more stress on her body. Amateur footage showed the candidate fumbling to her van, requiring the assistance of several members of her staff. The video clip of Clinton can be seen below.

After her collapse, Clinton was brought to her daughter’s nearby residence. Hours later, the presidential hopeful emerged, sharing that she was feeling much better.

So Clinton, is obviously alive, well and in good spirits (aside from all the other backlash she has been receiving since the incident). But the same cannot be said for the ABC news anchor.

With the network already under fire, a WABC spokesman claimed that Torres was supposed to say “health” rather than death. Despite the mistake, though, the reporter never made the effort to correct himself about the misleading information.

“It was clear from the context of the story, the reporters’ information, and graphics on the screen that Secretary Clinton was alive and recovering,” stated the WABC representative.

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Hillary Clinton conspiracy theories

Meanwhile, backlash for the false report is already reverberating around the internet, from people bashing the news, to others creating their own conspiracy theories about her “death.” Some are even claiming that the campaign team is hiding the information about her passing, and has simply hired a double to pose as the presidential candidate.

But again, Clinton is well and good, as her doctors would claim, and her team plans of releasing more updates on her health in the coming days.

“Additional medical information (will be releaed) from her doctor in the next few days to further put to rest any lingering concerns,” shared her campaign team. “But insist there are no other underlying conditions, the pneumonia is the extent of it.”

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  • John Sinclair

    Clinton is in great health but is nowhere to be seen since bouncing out of her daughters building looking 2 stone lighter and 20 years younger. I want to buy an apartment in that block. Does it have a strange construction like the building in Ghostbusters I wonder?

    • elena nash

      You need not “wonder” because it does. This very building used to be a Hospital complete with a full Trauma Care Unit before it was converted into Luxury Apartments.
      While the hospital is gone, the Full Care Trauma Unit has remained fully equipped with cutting-edge equipment and fully staffed; all bought and maintained by the Clinton Foundation.
      That answers the question why the decision was made not to take the presidential hopeful to a regular Hospital.
      As for Hillary’s miraculous 8 Hour recovery where she looked 30 pounds lighter and at least 10 years younger is no mystery.
      It’s a known fact that most high-level politicians in Washington and leaders of many nations have body doubles and Hillary is no exception.
      Please meet Theresa Barneswell, a famous and most extreme Hillary Clinton impersonator straight from Great Britain. The British swear by her uncanny likeness to Hillary Clinton. Please note that every time Teresa shows up to impersonate Hillary Clinton, as she has in the past, she receives $10,000 per appearance.
      The person who emerged from Chelsea Clinton’s apartment building was not Hillary. It was Teresa waving a little, walking with a springy stride certain of her direction and movements, bending down to bother some child who was planted there, waving a little more and driving off somewhere.
      Personally, I will be very surprised and delighted if the real Hillary is seen “live” on any news broadcast or “live” at any debate or fundraiser from now on.♡

  • elena nash

    Really? Nothing but a slight touch of pneumonia, right?
    How about Vascular Subcortical Dementia? Ever hear of it?
    I’m sure you have and have ignored the diagnosis inserting pneumonia in its place.
    This is one of the many reasons the people of the United States do not trust mainstream Media or their affiliates. All government-run, bought-and-paid-for! They pay you well and you sing and dance for the pretty people.
    What price glory?♡