Hugh Hefner comes out of the grave? Tweets he’s very much alive and wants to enjoy his planned weekend

Hugh Hefner comes out of the grave? Tweets he’s very much alive and wants to enjoy his planned weekend

Playboy mogul Hugh Hefner shoots down rumors that he is dead as he takes on social media to tell tabloids to stop the nonsense. Hefner went on Twitter to tell everyone he is very much alive at 90 years old and wants to enjoy his planned weekend.

According to Entertainment Online, members of the LAPD responded to a call that Hefner died at his Playboy mansion, Friday. As it turns out, the call was not true and Hefner laughs off the report by the cops and thanked them for their prompt response. He assured them that he is alright and very much alive.

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Officers from the West LAPD stated that Hefner “sounded fine” after calling and thanking them for visiting him at his mansion. After which, Hefner went on social media telling small time reporters to talk to him so that he could corroborate with their story that he is sick.

“I wish the tabloids had informed me a little earlier in the week that I’m sick,” Hefner wrote. “I might have canceled my weekend plans.”

West LAPD officer Mike Lopez told NBC Los Angeles that they angry with the prank call as they responded to something that did not really happened. Teri Thomerson, a Playboy Enterprises spokeswoman, said that they do not know where all the rumors of Hefner’s demise started as this is not the first time that it has happened.

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Rumors of Hefner dying started back in 2012 and did not slow down until the day his brother, Keith, died of cancer a day he turned 90-years old. Thomerson added that Hefner is very much involved in editing the magazine though has complained of back pains.

“It is no secret that over the past few years he has suffered from back pain that has made it a bit more challenging for him to get around, but at 90 years of age he is enjoying his life and still very involved in the day-to-day activities of editing the magazine,” Thomerson said.

Hefner is living his days at the Playboy Mansion, which was already bought by Daren Metropoulos, who is the co-owner of Twinkies maker Hostess and head of the investment firm Metropoulos & Co. for $100 million.

Photo Courtesy: Luke Ford/Creative Commons

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