‘Lucifer’ Season 2: Chloe Decker part of the grandeur plan to bring back Lucifer to Heaven?

Chloe Decker part of the grandeur plan to bring back Lucifer to Heaven?

Eyebrows certainly will rise when they learn of Det. Chloe Decker’s part to bring Lucifer back to heaven. Though, fans and viewers will have to wait until the sophomore installment of “Lucifer” Season 2 premieres on Jan. 16.

In the show’s mid-season finale, Charlotte put into action her plan to kill Chloe with a car bomb. But Amenadiel foiled it telling his mother it would further make Lucifer stay on earth in search of the killer. Charlotte changes her plan and thought getting her into a trial would end her relations with his son. Still, her plot does not end up to her advantage.

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Then later in the episode, Amenadiel recognized Chloe’s mother, Penelope, which brought back memories exactly 35 years ago. Amenadiel told Charlotte that his father/God asked him to go to earth and bless a childless couple. He then said that the couple was Chloe’s parents and the blessed child was Chloe herself.

Understanding everything what her son just revealed, Charlotte now understands that Chloe is no distraction to his son, Lucifer. Instead, Chloe is the key that would lead Lucifer out on earth, but the question is how?

The first half of season 2 for “Lucifer” brought in solid numbers with audience share from 3.63 to 4.4 million. Compared to how the show debut back in January, “Lucifer” premiered with 7.16 million viewers. The show then got considered as Fox’s top performing series getting 10.5 million followers on various platforms.

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Aside from that, another storyline, which fans need to watch out for is the blossoming relationship between Chloe and Lucifer. The two finally go out on a date at Lucifer’s bar, The Lux with wine and French fries. Both got cozy with each other’s company as they leaned to kiss each other.

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Other questions that need answers include being Chloe purposely placed by Lucifer’s father to save him? Is Chloe an angel or half human and half divine? How will Chloe help in getting Lucifer back to heaven? And what other plans do Charlotte plan on getting her children back to heaven? Fans will have to wait until Jan. 16 for them to know what else are in store for both Chloe and Lucifer.

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