‘Not in This Lifetime’ Tour: Billboards, posters featuring Guns N’ Roses logo pops up like mushrooms teasing of more shows?

Billboards, posters featuring Guns N’ Roses logo pops up like mushrooms teasing of more shows?

Guns N’ Roses have been successful with their recent world tour both in the Northern and Latin Americas. With the pending second leg of the tour, both billboards and posters have popped up like mushrooms everywhere teasing fans.

Billboards with the band’s logo with the message “Welcome to the Jungle” together with a Twitter hashtag GnFnR circled around. It would be then followed by another message encrypted by one of Guns N’ Roses songs “Patience.” The said message got spotted in Canada, Minnesota, and recently in St. Louis.

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St. Louis Not Part of Tour?

Upon announcing the band’s North American tour this summer, St. Louis was not included in the list. Unavailability of a venue was the main reason to the dismay of fans in the area. During the band’s “Use Your Illusion” tour in July 1991, a riot broke out after Axl Rose attacked a fan. Rose admitted to attacking a man but it was because he filmed the concert and denied starting the riot.

The incident would then be dubbed as the “Riverport Riot” and the “Rocket Queen Riot.” Many speculated that it was the trauma of the incident that Guns N’ Roses decided to skip St. Louis earlier.

But according to St. Louis Post, Live Nation neither confirm nor denied of a Guns N’ Roses show in St. Louis. However, if the show gets approved among the likely venues include the Dome at America’s Center and Busch Stadium.

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Meanwhile, a fan of the band saw a poster near the British and Irish Modern Music Institute (BIMM) in Ireland. The poster saw the words “Patience” further teasing of the band’s show in the area. Dublin got picked as the kick off point to Guns N’ Roses European tour which takes place next year.

Video Courtesy: GunsNRosesVEVO/YouTube.com

The report stated that Guns N’ Roses will hold the show at Croke Park with organizers finalizing on the dates. Aside from Dublin, the band will set sail for Spain, Switzerland, Netherlands, Denmark, Germany, and Sweden. Aside from billboards and posters, the band recently released a short video teasing fans of what’s to come next year.

Photo Courtesy: MrPanyGoff/Creative Commons

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