Orange is the New Black Season 5 release date, spoilers, predictions reveal Maria remains a boss, Daya takes sadistic CO Humphrey’s life under mob’s orders

Orange is the New Black Season 5 release date, spoilers, predictions reveal Maria remains a boss, Daya takes sadistic CO Humphrey’s life under mob’s orders

Orange is the New Black Season 5 release date remains uncertain until now. However, many of the OITNB fans kept wondering on Season 4’s cliffhanger with Daya’s scene. In addition, Maria was reportedly the reason behind the character’s emotional rush.

In our previous report, Season 4 ended with Daya’s emotional rush scene. According to a source, the cliffhanger showed her interesting expression wherein there was a clear depiction of pressure and intense feelings. Aside from that, there was a girl and a gun noticed in the scene as well.

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Recently, Jessica Pimental who played Maria Ruiz in Orange is the New Black Season 4 revealed something big for Season 5. She told TV Guide that Maria’s role in the next season “has gone full mob boss.” Hence, she’ll probably create more tension inside Litchfield.

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“If you’re a boss, you don’t get your hands dirty ever. So [for Maria], it’s like, ‘Oh, damn, I’d like to shoot that guy. Daya, pick that [gun] up. I’m never going to get my hands dirty.’ … [Maria] has no reason to live at this point,” she said.

Daya picked the gun and might pull the trigger to kill sadist Correctional Officer Thomas Humphrey (Michael Torpey) in the hallway. This answered the cliffhanger of Season 4. The girl was Maria and the gun will be used to kill the officer.

Despite her violent leadership, Gloria might be able to stop Daya from the murderous crime. According to one of the fans in Reddit forum, Daya won’t shoot CO Humphrey and Gloria probably stop her from doing it.

“I personally don’t think she’ll shoot. I’m thinking someone is going to stop her at the last minute. Most likely Gloria,” the fan said.

Moreover, the tension will surely add up with Lolly Whitehall’s fate will be more exposed in the new season and Bennett’s return to the series.

The latter was former Daya’s fiance and apparently the father of her kid Armaria. Because of his come back, he’ll spice up the drama from the unresolved business between Daya and him.

“It would be awesome if Bennet came back as a twist, but that’s probably a pipe dream,” the fan added.

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Lori Petty previously shared that Lolly will have more exposure in Orange is the New Black Season 5 because of the consecutive deaths of the great characters of the series. Poussey already died in Season 4. Thus, there is no big reason to kill Lolly, too.

In summary, once the Orange is the New Black Season 5 release date will be announced, millions of the fans around the globe would verify these spoilers and predictions stated whether or not Daya will shoot CO Thomas Humphrey, Maria will be more violent, Bennett will come back, and Lolly will remain in Litchfield.

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  • Ohh Deer

    I’m ready for season 5 to start.

    • Hey! What makes OITNB S5 exciting for you?

      • Ohh Deer

        Hum, that’s really hard to say. It always made me feel like we were walking on edge shells whenever Loli was around. You just never know if she’s going to spill the beans (secrets). Is Dalia going to end up shooting the CEO or someone else during the last minute? I really hope not. I know how much she wants to raise her baby. Whatcha think about it all?

        • We all gonna find out in the next OITNB season. That’s deffo will gonna watch out if Daya will follow Maria’s orders and shoot CO Thomas Humphrey or not or if Bennett will raise the kid instead since rumors said he might come back and take the baby with him and perhaps, raise Armaria himself. Let’s see. This is getting exciting, seems like!

          • Ohh Deer

            Yes, yes. I hope Bennett and Dana get back together. I was shocked and disappointed that he ran off and left her. Especially with no contact whatsoever. Shame on him. 🙂 Take care.

          • What do you think is the reason why Bennett ran away from Daya? Is it because of the kid or he has his personal reason/s of doing it?

          • Ohh Deer

            I think he was just scared of all the changes going on. Her pregnancy and mood changes, him becoming a dad, raising a baby by himself while she’s in prison, keeping their relationship a secret, pressure from Daya’s mom and others, contemplating on quiting his job so they could see each other, financial concerns. Oh this list looks scary.

            If I knew what the show was about a head of time, I most likely would not have watched it. But I’m glad I did. Heard others talking it up. I’m definitely invested in it now. What do you think about it.

            Have you seen the series on Netflix called Breaking Bad? It is soooo good. If you haven’t, I would say it’s a must see. Great action and suspense.

          • Hi! I haven’t heard about it yet. What is it about? and when it would be released?

          • Ohh Deer

            Oops. My bad. It’s called Prison Break. Have you seen this series? It’s about two brothers. One is on Death Row and the other brother is trying to get him out of prison. ABSOLUTELY A GREAT SHOW.

          • I’m familiar with the title and I wrote about it here twice I guess. As far as I could remember, they’re in Season 5 now, right? In fact, Michael was rumored to return in the new season working in ISIS to survive. Lincoln, his partner, thought he was dead. But it was later confirmed that Michael survived through joining in an ISIS group. I didn’t see the new season yet though. The new season already started?

          • Ohh Deer

            I’m not aware of when a new season starts. I’ll have to check into that sometime. I was thinking it was a completed show. So if they’re making more then I say “hot dog!”

          • Hey! Yeah, there is Season 5 for Prison Break. By the way, have you seen Orange is the New Black Season 4 special postmortem video? Netflix released it for Poussey’s fans.

          • Ohh Deer

            No I did not know that. Cool. I will check it out tomorrow. Oh yeah, I will also have to start the new season on Prison Break. Thanks for checking. I wasn’t sure if they were making more episodes or not. Makes me a happy camper. Enjoy the shows.

          • Hey! Prison Break Season 5 is confirmed but not the fixed schedule yet whether this year or in 2017. But for sure there is. Have you checked Poussey’s special postmortem video, Deer?

          • Ohh Deer

            Love Prion Break. Yeah! No I haven’t seen the postmortem video. We’re is it at? I watched all the few minutes trailers that were just below the last episode of season 4. Maybe I should just type it in under the search. I’ll try that.