Teen Wolf Season 6 release date update; Dylan O’Brien to miss the show due to accident?

Teen Wolf Season 6 release date update; Dylan O’Brien to miss the show due to accident?

Teen Wolf Season 5 has just concluded, but the viewers of the show are already excited for the release of Teen Wolf Season 6. The sixth installment of the franchise was confirmed last year at Comic-Con on July, 2015. The release date is expected to be on June, this year.

The producers of the show has not declared an official release date yet, but rumors strongly suggest that Teen Wolf Season 6 will premiere on June, 2016, following the trend of the previous five seasons which released on the same month. To be even more specific, if the average release dates of the previous five season are taken into account, then the possible release date for Teen Wolf Season 6 will be June 13, 2016, according to Bustle.

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Meanwhile, Dylan O’Brien, who plays Stiles Stilinski in the hit TV series was expected to miss the season entirely owing to his accident while filming on the sets of , “Maze Runner: The Death Cure”. A statement released by Jennifer Allen, publicist of O’Brien revealed that the actor had suffered serious injuries than what was previously perceived, as reported by Mirror.

However, Jeff Davies, executive producer of the show revealed that the production is not delayed by O’Brien’s injuries. The team has planned to work around the actor’s schedule and has allowances made for delays and unexpected changes, according to Teen Wolf News.

If rumors are to be believed then O’Brien’s character, Stiles will play a major role in Teen Wolf Season 6. The character is likely to see a big movement with Lydia aka “Stydia”, played by Holland Roden.

Although production of the TV series has not been delayed, the schedule for “The Death Cure” is confirmed to be delayed and will commence once O’Brien has completely recovered.

Photo courtesy: Gage Skidmore/Wikipedia.org

  • Where Is Dylan O’Brien

    This is tedious.

    I’m sorry, but if it’s “unconfirmed” it is NOT “reportable”. BAD journalist. No Pulitzer! Further, there is no distinction made between old information, debunked information, and current data.

    Simple fact: There is NO current video or audio of Dylan O’Brien, at all, since the accident. None.

    There hasn’t even been a statement from Dylan’s fundamentalist girlfriend, Yoko … I mean … Britt Robertson.

    Okay, so maybe Dylan has chosen to pass the last of his recovery by eloping to Mexico this weekend, and then off on an international honeymoon and rest tour before returning to what can only be described as a grueling schedule of shooting and promotional tours for FOUR demanding production companies.

    See! THAT’S an unconfirmed rumor phrased as speculation, completely unsupported, and should not even have been mentioned.

    Now lets watch how that further distracts everyone from the only truly important, the only truly HUMAN questions … that NO ONE is asking …

    “Where is Dylan O’Brien?” and “What is Dylan O’Brien’s true condition?”

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      @ Where Is Dylan O’Brien, I personally wan’t to see your Pulitzer, lol! coming over here bashing anyone you please. You define the word “classless” and you are a perfect example of how wortless our society is. Go to your mom, and ask her to read you a bedtime story.

      We all love coming to site and all love reading the news the site reports. If you don’t like it, go away, don’t pollute here with your clueless and person bashing talks. Idiot.

      • Where Is Dylan O’Brien

        Puire ad hominenm and red herring.

        NOTHING you just posted in anyway answers what are fairly simple questions.

        You’re accusing me of what, in fact, is YOUR schtick.