‘Train to Busan’ Rumors: Prequel likely in the works?

‘Train to Busan’ Rumors: Prequel likely in the works?

It seems the clamor for a sequel to the Korean hit movie “Train to Busan” is still very much alive. Rumors are swirling that most likely the next flick will be a prequel instead of doing a remake or reboot of the film.

Chatt Sports Net reported that instead of making a follow-up to the film that grossed a total of $100 million, a prequel will likely be in the works. Suggested plots for the prequel includes where the virus originated that caused people to turn into zombies. Techplz also noted that “Train to Busan” may have drawn inspiration from another film entitle “Flu” back in 2013.

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But “Train to Busan’ director Yeong Sang-ho released an animated series entitled “Seoul Station” back in August. The animation said as the prequel to the successful movie that has captured the world by storm. Making the speculation that a live-action movie based on the animation will be the follow-up movie.

If the prequel will be in the works, that will bring back Goo Yoo playing his character, Seok-Woo. It would be remembered that Yoo posted on Twitter that a sequel to the blockbuster movie is already rolling. In his post, he also admitted that he wants a part in the film.

Aside from the prequel, rumors also note that a third film that will be the follow-up of the first and the storyline of the film is also in the works. Director Yeong Sang-ho is looking at three angles for the story.

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The third installment could follow the life of the safe area; the zombie’s perspective; or even finding a cure. Though there has no confirmation yet if a prequel or a third movie will be in place since director Yeong Sang-ho has not issued a formal statement.

One thing is for sure “Train to Busan” was a major hit that film companies from the United States and France are lobbying to get its rights. Film companies from both countries want to an adaptation of the film.

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