Outfielder Marlon Byrd suspended for 50 games

Free agent Marlon Byrd was suspended on Monday after he tested positive for Tamoxifen, a performance-enhancing substance.

The 11-year veteran was released by the Boston Red Sox earlier this month and will now remain on the restricted list until August 20.

The outfielder has been working with the founder of BALCO, Victor Conte, who supplied PEDS to a number of professional athletes. Byrd remained the only MLB player still associating with Conte; however, he claimed that he was just purchasing supplements.

The drug Tamoxifen is often used to treat breast cancer. It interferes with estrogen activity and boosts testosterone levels. It also reduces the side effects of steroid use. It is located on the banned list of  both MLB and the International Olympic Committee.

“I had no indication,” manager Bobby Valentine said about the issue. “I don’t think anyone had any indication.”

Byrd insisted during spring training with the Chicago Cubs that he would not be breaking any rules.

“I’m always going to watch what I take. I’m not going to say I have a bull’s-eye on my back, but I think a lot of people are waiting for me to get my first positive test and miss 50 games. They’d like that just so they can say, ‘We told you so.’ I know that won’t happen. I know I’m clean. I know the supplements I take are clean. I’m going to make sure of that,” Byrd said.

Byrd started the season 3-for-43 with the Cubs. With the Red Sox, he batted .270 in the 34 games he played before being released.

In his career, Byrd hit .278 with 1,067 hits and 445 RBIs. He also played for the Philadelphia Phillies, Washington Nationals, and Texas Rangers.

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