Pete Carroll says the Jets did a disservice to Mark Sanchez

Pete Carroll coached New York Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez while he was with the University of Southern California Trojans. Carroll is now backing Sanchez up after the Jets signed Tim Tebow.

“I think the other quarterback coming in was a major distraction,” Carroll said. “It was just a natural challenge and that’s what Tim brings. He’s an extraordinary player and individual. That’s just a huge factor. I think that would affect anybody somewhat. I think that affected their whole football team.”

According to the New York Daily News, the Jets brought in Tebow to be the backup quarterback for Mark Sanchez, but his personality and popularity as a quarterback may have damaged Sanchez’s fragile psyche, said Carroll.

Although Carroll is now supporting Sanchez, when the two were with the Trojans, Carroll did not want Sanchez to leave college to the pros.

Sanchez was making a mistake coming out of college and heading to the NFL, said Carroll. Sanchez could have increased his value and become the top player in football the next year had he stayed, according to Yahoo Sports.

The Jets traded up to draft Sanchez fifth overall in the 2009 draft and went to two straight AFC championship games.

The Jets currently have four quarterbacks on the roster and the quarterback position is up for grabs.

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