Peyton Manning looks good in Broncos first OTA

Peyton Manning was released by the Indianapolis Colts in March after missing the 2011 season because of surgery to nerves in his neck. Now, the 36-year-old QB is looking to start a new and continue his Hall of Fame Career in Denver. The QB has been working out diligently in the off-season in preparation for the upcoming season. In the team’s first OTA on Monday, Manning looked to be in old form with precise accuracy and plenty of juice on his throws.

“It felt good to be out there. I haven’t really been out there like this for a year and a half. It’s a day I’ve been waiting on for a long time,” Manning said. While the offense was on the field, Manning took charge lining up the receivers and running backs. He was also helping out his fellow quarterbacks during the drills. The OTAs are perfect for getting in a rhythm with the receivers and working out the kinks before the preseason workouts start. “I’ve always believed you develop your timing for the passing game in the off-season. You can’t just show up in September and expect to be on the same page. Off-season workouts, it’s a great time to make an impression on the coaches. Coaches are always evaluating, so there are a lot of benefits from this work,” Manning said.

These practices are even more important for Manning to adjust to the new offense and also to challenge the progress on his neck. With the helmet on, Manning will be able to swivel around and put it to work as he goes through his progressions. These steps are important before he throws on the pads. “He’s getting better every day. His progress has been outstanding. We’re excited where he is. I think he’s pretty good right now, and we think he’ll get better. He definitely raises all boats, that’s for sure. That’s not just with the young players, but with the veterans,” coach John Fox said.

Manning’s work ethic in the off-season showed up in his first practice. As he continues, all eyes will be on the QB with his progress. As of right now, he is looking better than what everyone thought which is bringing more excitement to Denver.