President Obama meets with Lakers next week

President Obama will set time aside to meet with NBA champions L.A. Lakers next week.

Kobe Bryant and teammates Paul Gasol and Derek Fisher were among current and former players in Obama’s private game in August.

It is not clear whether the commander and chief will suit up and shoot some hoops with the team, but it would be cool if he did.

Obama is known for being a fan of sports and is known to showcase his talents on the hardwood.  On Thanksgiving Day, Obama had to get his lip stitched up after another player elbowed him.

The Lakers won their back-to-back championship back in June beating the Boston Celtics.  The championship gave the Lakers organization its 16th championship.

Before the meeting with the president, the Lakers will be in D.C. on Tuesday, Dec. 14th to play the Washington Wizards.


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