Randy Moss calls himself ‘the greatest receiver to ever play this game’

Randy Moss has uttered some wacky things during his career but at Tuesday’s Super Bowl media day Moss may have said his most outrageous quote yet.

“I don’t really live on numbers, I live on impact, what you are able to do out on the field. I really do think that I’m the greatest receiver to ever play this game,” Moss told the median, according to CBS Sports.

Looking at statistics, which Moss does not care about, there is another 49ers receiver consistently at the top of different records for wide receivers and holds the title Moss has claimed for himself – Hall of Famer Jerry Rice.

In his career, Moss has caught 982 balls with 156 touchdowns and 15,292 yards. Rice retired in 2004 with 1,549 receptions, 197 receiving touchdowns and 15,292 yards.

Rice does not see eye to eye with Moss’ opinion, noting that one only has to compare their statistics. In reaction to Moss’ statement Rice said, “Put my numbers up against his numbers” to ESPN’s Adam Schefter.

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