Ray Lewis climbing Kilimanjaro

Ray Lewis decided that the best way to top winning a Super Bowl and keep his retirement exciting was by climbing the 19,336-foot Mount Kilimanjaro.

Ray Lewis, Brad Pitt’s brother Doug Pitt, and former Chicago Bears defensive back Tommie Harris began the climb together on Wednesday, in order to raise money and awareness for clean water projects in East Africa, according to Yahoo! Sports. The project is called “TackleKili”.

With his playing days over, which were filled with turmoil at times, Lewis has decided to give back to the world. Even though he does have a new career set up with ESPN, Lewis is taking time to care for others by helping people in East Africa by fitting them for hearing aids.


It is really great to see any athlete give back in the capacity that Ray Lewis is doing, when he could just lounge around and do nothing if he wanted. Despite all he has or may have done, he sees the struggles that others have in the world and is doing all he can to give back. Hopefully, other athletes and other people in general will see the most recent example set by the former Ravens linebacker and take time out of their lives to give back.

Ray Lewis’s most recent Twitter account suggests a flare up of an injury may have caused him to stop:


But it seems that he plans on doing all he can to help out no matter what.

To show your support go to http://tacklekili.lockerdome.com/