Red Sox looking for a new closer

The Boston Red Sox have decided to look for another closing pitcher moving forward as Andrew Bailey blew his third save in five outings against the Detroit Tigers.

According to CBS Sports, manager John Ferrell made the announcement to reporters on June 20 and made no indication as to who would be replacing Bailey in the Sox pitching rotation.

In Detroit Thursday, the Red Sox faced off with the Tigers and after taking the lead late in the game 3-2, Ferrell called on Bailey to close out the game despite his recent struggles.

Bailey would walk Victor Martinez and put the winning run at the plate in Jhonny Peralta and then disaster struck again. Peralta blasted a home run over the left-field fence and secured a 4-3 win for the Tigers.

Currently Bailey has a 15.75 ERA, walking 5 batters and allowing 4 home runs. That meant making a change was crucial for Boston to hang on to the lead in the American League East.

In a statement posted on the Boston Globe, Bailey said that he isn’t exactly surprised with the move.

“I haven’t talked to Farrell about that. If he feels that need is necessary, that’s his decision.” The right hander added, “Any time there’s a save opportunity, it’s a cardinal rule. You can’t let the first guy reach base, let alone the tying run. Just not being myself out there.”

Earlier in the season when Bailey and Joel Hanrahan had been injured the Red Sox named Junichi Tazawa as the slated closer however no replacements have been announced.

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