Redskins fans show appreciation for Robert Griffin III with wedding presents

Washington Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III gave his effort on the field to get his team back to the playoffs and now some fans are paying him back with wedding gifts from the registry he and his future wife, Rebecca Liddicoat, made.

The couple created the registry on Bed, Bath & Beyond’s website and was discovered by some fans that felt the need to be generous. Items already purchased vary from a $439.99 2-piece wicker seating set to a $39.99 cordless hand vacuum to $1.99 linen napkins.

The Washington Post originally posted the link to registry on May 10 and gifts have been rolling in since.

Griffin showed his appreciation through a tweet on Sunday.

Patrick Dibert, spent $30 on a set of Brita Water filters for the couple told The Washington Post, “It’s not like that was money I’m not going to donate to charity; I’m just not going to go out to happy hour one time during the week. I mean, it’s just kind of funny to say I bought RGIII a present.”

Griffin and Liddicoat’s wedding will take place on July 6, according to the registry.

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  • Xai Xiong

    So everything that people buy will go towards his wedding?