Rob Chudzinski named new coach for the Cleveland Browns

The Cleveland Browns fired head coach Pat Shurmur on December 31. On Friday, they announced that they have hired Rob Chudzinski as Shurmur’s replacement.

The Plain Dealer reports that he is expected to bring Norv Turner, former San Diego Chargers coach, with him to Cleveland.

Chudzinski worked for the Cleveland Browns before in 2007-2008 as team offensive coordinator. The past two seasons he’s been the offensive coordinator for the Carolina Panthers. Chudzinski’s first year as the Browns offensive coordinator the Browns were 10-6 record and No. 8 ranking on offense.

Chudzinski is from Ohio and is thrilled about his new job. “It is a dream come true. It’s almost unbelievable in a lot of ways this kid from Toledo, Ohio growing up as a Browns fan, loving the Browns, understanding how important this team is to this region, this area, this city … I’ve been on cloud nine,” reported

Chudzinski also said, “Adjustments [to personnel you have] are the keys to being successful.” That is good news to Browns fans because Chudzinski has been successful in molding his plays to the personnel he has. It might be the change that the Cleveland Browns need.


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