Roburt Sallie dispels ExtenZe rumors

Roburt Sallie is an unlucky man. Most guys who take male enhancement don’t end up having national media coverage about it. He is not most guys. Initial reports indicated that Sallie was cut from a Spanish basketball team for taking ExtenZe, a male enhancement pill that promises an increase in size.

Sallie went on CBS Sports Radio on Monday to dispell these rumors and to clarify the situation. Sallie said he was taking a male performance enhancer rather than an enlargement pill. He said he was taking a male enhancer known as Black Ant.

He reportedly got the pills from a teammate, and was randomly selected for a drug test while taking them in November. On the forms accompanying the drug test he wrote down that he was taking a male enhancement supplement, but did not list the name because at the time he did not know the name. Sallie said the team approached him about it later, and asked him if it was ExtenZe. He told them no it was not.

Sallie is a former Memphis Tiger, and reports that the Spanish team did not in fact cut him, but that he left of his own accord. Sallie never played in the NBA, choosing instead to go play in Europe.

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