NBA Rumors: Stephen Curry to sign with Charlotte Hornets in 2017; Steve Clifford, homecoming reasons stated

NBA Rumors: Stephen Curry to sign with Charlotte Hornets in 2017; Steve Clifford, homecoming reasons stated

The Charlotte Hornets can possibly steal Stephen Curry from the Golden State Warriors in 2017 free agency. NBA rumors of the two-time MVP moving to Charlotte has been talked about because of Curry’s and his family’s connection to North Carolina.

Jonny Auping of RealGM claims that there might not be real shot of Hornets acquiring Curry but how the Warriors will perform in the 2016-2017 NBA Season will be crucial in the superstar point guard’s decision next summer.

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“Is there much of a chance that Curry will part ways with one of the most talented and dangerous teams in NBA history? Probably not. That said, we’ve learned in recent past that when the expectations are revved up to championship or bust, anything less than champagne apparently warrants a consideration for change,” Auping wrote.

“If any semblance of a chemistry issue can be scapegoated on a playoff or Finals loss for the Warriors then there will be immediate questions about the future of Kevin Durant and Curry.”

Curry’s contract with the Warriors will expire in 2017. He’s only paid $12.1 million for next season and will get the full max deal when he hits free agency. Curry will get the most money and length of contract in Golden State but if the Warriors come short of a championship next season it’s not guaranteed that he will re-sign with the team.

The article also claims that the presence of Steve Clifford, who the writer claims is one of the underrated head coaches in the league, will also be a good draw for any free agent like Curry.

Durant might also prefer to explore free agency again, which means that the Warriors will be facing the prospect of losing both superstars.

Curry attended high school at Charlotte Christian in Charlotte, North Carolina and at Davidson College in Davidson, North Carolina. Curry’s father is former NBA player Dell Curry, who played for the Charlotte Hornets from 1988 to 1998.

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Will Curry make the shocking move and leave the Warriors? Golden State is favored to win the title in the upcoming season and anything less is considered a disappointment for Curry and the Warriors. Expect more NBA rumors of the two-time MVP leaving GSW, if the Warriors fail to get another championship next year.

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