Manny Pacquiao cancels fight against Bradley, election campaign issues cited

Manny Pacquiao cancels fight against Bradley, election campaign issues cited

As of April 1 this year, Manny Pacquiao vs. Timothy Bradley fight has been cancelled. According to some speculations, Pacquiao backed out from the big fight in Las Vegas because of conflict between his boxing career and senatorial candidacy in the Philippines, which will find its conclusion this coming May 2016.

Before the report of Pacquiao cancelling his third fight against Bradley, the Filipino boxing champ was likewise the center of international attention over his gay slur which provoked unsolicited comments and advice coming from various individuals and personalities from different walks of life.

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This time around, another blow is anticipated to hit Pacquiao’s corner as Philippine Commission on Elections (Comelec) Chairman Andres Bautista will probably respond to the call of the postponement of Pacman’s fight due to “‘tremendous media mileage.”

It is expected that after his fight on April 9, the 37-years old Filipino legend will surely have tons of media exposure amidst the campaign period in his country. Thus, possibly breaking some media exposure guidelines set by the Comelec.

Whether the Pacman will win or lose the fight, media coverage could extend up to the election period. Thus, putting Pacquiao’s candidacy on a vantage point, giving him leverage and greater exposure compared to other candidates running for the Senate. And for that matter Comelec Chairman Bautista stated via PhilStar that:

“We will look into it, if and when a formal complaint is filed. We have to look at the Fair Elections Act as well as rules re campaign expenses, these are the related issues.”

On a separate report, former Comelec chief Sixto Brillantes Jr. highlighted the fact that pay-per-view “will appear as a form of product endorsement,” which is not allowed during a campaign period.

“The reason being it provides added propaganda advertisement to one’s candidacy besides earning financially from such product endorsement,” Brillantes said.

Since everything is almost set for the Pacquiao vs. Bradley rematch fight, it is really frustrating to hear that Manny Pacquiao backed out from the much anticipated deciding fight against Bradley.

What is more annoying is the fact that it is being reported on the 1st of April, which somehow coincides with a celebration that “inspires playing practical jokes and spreading hoaxes.”  Thus suggesting that today is April Fools’ Day, so you better relax and wait for the boxing fight between Pacquiao and Bradley this coming April 9 for it will happen.

And for now, Happy April Fools’ Day everyone, “You got Punk’d.”