Ryan Howard to get MRI on knee, surgery is optional

Ryan Howard will get an MRI done for his knee on Monday and surgery is staying as one of his options.

“We’ll see what happens [Monday] to get a better understanding of what’s going on inside of there and then we’ll address it with either surgery or any kind of injections,” he told Comcast SportsNet Philadelphia. “Right now, it’s too early to tell. Once we find out, we’ll look at it and see what will be the best thing.”

According to NBC Sports, Howard made the clarification that the injury did not have anything related to his ankle, and that he had missed the first 84 games in the 2012 season due to rupturing his Achilles tendon.

Comcast SportsNet Philadelphia reported that general manager Charlie Manuel stated that the player has pain in his knee from arthritis, in addition to pain in the ball of his left foot.

“Doing interviews kills my knee,” Howard joked to Comcast.

Howard has made 11 home runs, a .266 batting average with 43 RBIs, including 20 doubles and two triples.