Ryan Leaf staying in jail a little longer

Former quarterback Ryan Leaf will remain in a Montana jail for at least another month while Texas and Montana authorities work to revoke his probation.

Leaf was arrested Friday and again Monday, and was charged with breaking into homes and stealing medication. He has been known for his addiction to painkillers.

However, he recently claimed that he had beat his addiction and was going to turn his life around.

At the time of the break-ins, Leaf was on probation from a 2010 felony conviction. In 2009, Leaf was indicted in Texas for burglary and controlled substance possession. At the time, he was undergoing rehab in British Columbia and was arrested upon returning to the U.S. He posted $45,000 bond. Leaf later pleaded guilty to counts of obtaining a controlled substance and another count of delivery of a simulated controlled substance. He was sentenced to 10 years probation and a $20,000 fine.

Probation and Parole Office regional administrator Dawn Handa stated that the extra 30 days behind bars will give authorities the time they need to send information between states.

Leaf, who has played with such teams as the Dallas Cowboys and the San Diego Chargers, was placed on hold for 72 hours after Monday’s arrest. That hold was extended Tuesday.

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