Schaub rallies Texans in huge overtime win over Jaguars

After being down the majority of the game, quarterback Matt Schaub helped his team the Houston Texans rally past their division rivals the Jacksonville Jaguars in an overtime victory.

In the fourth quarter, Jaguars’ quarterback Blaine Gabbert threw an 81-yard touchdown pass to rookie Justin Blackmon to give his team a 32-20 lead.

Schaub then found Garrett Graham twice in the end zone to tie the game which forced overtime.

In overtime, both teams exchanged field goal kicks. But during the last minutes, Schaub was able to find his star receiver Andre Johnson for a 48-yard game-winning touchdown.

In this game, both Schaub and Johnson had a historic day. Schaub threw for 527 yards, 43 complete passes, and a career high of five touchdowns.

Johnson, on the other hand, caught 14 passes for 273 yards and one touchdown, reported by the Ultimate Texans.

During an interview with the Associated Press, Johnson talked to them about his game-winning touchdown, “When I caught the ball, and I saw how open I was, I was looking around like, ‘Where are the defenders at? I took off running, I kept looking. I thought the cornerback would come from the outside, but he wasn’t there. It was just the safety, so I was just saying to myself, ‘I can’t let him tackle me.’”

With the season past the halfway point, the Texans are now 9-1.

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