SEC tournament: Vanderbilt beats Kentucky 64-48

The Kentucky Wildcats’ chances of defending their title this season have decreased after a loss Friday to the Vanderbilt Commodores 64-48.

The Wildcats were down a player, Nerleans Noel, who had surgery earlier in the week for his torn ACL. Without him, the Wildcats just could not keep up with the strong, energetic Vanderbilt team, according to the Associated Press.

The Commodores shot at 50 percent from the field, making eight of 17 3-point shots. Leading them was Dai-Jon Parker with 12 points and behind him was Kevin Bright with 11 points. Kedren Johnson and Kyle Fuller also had 10 points each.

While the Wildcats had their season-low in scoring they managed to outrebound the Commodores 32-30. It was not enough for them to stay in the game.

Ryan Harrow had one of his worst games with only four points, one assist, and four turnovers. Harrow blames himself for Kentucky’s loss, reports USA Today.

After the game Harrow was clearly upset with the loss. He could barely get the words out when he was asked questions.

“I’m disappointed in myself, and I just feel horrible for my teammates. They deserve to win because they work so hard,” he said.

John Calipari is the best in the game of recruiting but this season just was not what he thought it was going to be. It was fairly clear from the beginning of the season that Kentucky is not the same team they were last year.

Calipari said, “The good news is everyone seems to be losing, and I just hope we’re the best of the bad right now. That’s what I’m hoping.”

It is more likely that on Sunday the NCAA will put Kentucky in the NIT. This is upsetting for the team that had the national title last year. Harrow knows the likelihood of being in the NIT and he is disappointed. He said, “I care about these dudes, of course I wanted us to win, wanted us to get to the tournament. We deserved to get there because of how we worked, and how we had our ups and downs in the season. We stepped up sometimes and for me to play like this and let my team down, it’s disappointing.”